Envy Is Ignorance, Imitation Is Suicide

Middle Fingers In The Air.

The way I want to live with you
will not be in any way gorgeous.
It will be ugly,
stale, out-of-bed kisses
that taste like all the dreaming
we didn’t do last night;
dirty hair, greased with the oil
of a well working mind too late at night
and art projects we’re too inspired to stop.

We will be two pairs of opposite feet,
stepping on each other’s toes in the kitchen
doing terrible impersonations
of what we think is dancing.
We will watch the wind come in from the harbor
like two old souls wiser than the years
we claim.

You told me you wanted to marry me in the rain.

And the day we say I do, I hope it pours just the same,
leaves us white, and wet, and sopping
so that we know with every inch of that aisle
that we feel this more with every second,
soaking into our skin,
and our smiles will be the only light rising;
the sun and the moon meeting for the first time
where not one person will call this disaster,
but all of us will say mess,
and we are, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing.

 I Want Every Ugly Happiness, by Schuyler Peck (via daisylongmile)

I want you to love me more than you love good literature. More than you love graffiti and sex and home-cooked meals. I want you to love me more than you love the way the grass smells after it’s been cut, the way the world spins around you as you roll down a hill, the way you feel after a full night’s sleep. I want you to love me more than you love all of your favourite things. Because I love you so much. You are all of my favourite things wrapped up into one person.

Your Favourite Things (K.P.K)